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  • An old selling method that makes it nearly neurologically difficult for individuals to erase your launch and affiliate e-mails prior to opening them.(This was utilized by the sales fitness instructor whose products Zig Ziglar utilized to fill his workshops seats– and is so effective, it convinced even completely hostle results in listen to every word of his sales pitches! Picture what it can do for your e-mails … Page 41.)
  • A sly method to (lawfully) “hack” into the phones of last-minute procrastinators and often turn them into eager-to-buy clients!(This is among the easiest approaches I’ve ever seen to get individuals on the fence about my deals to purchase on the area. Page 37.)
  • An entirely unconventional method your company can make a package offering an item you understand absolutely nothing about and have not even check out the sales page for! (Believe it or not, this is among the fastest, most convenient, and a lot of ethical methods to produce fast sales I’ve ever utilized. Plus, it normally just takes a couple of minutes to the compose e-mails to do it. Page 83.)
  • A psychological technique utilized by among the world’s most significant eCommerce websites that can produce a “feeding craze” of purchasing activity throughout item launch and affiliate projects.(Do it properly, and it can assist produce a frustrating requirement in your list to purchase items they didn’t even always desire! Page 36.)
  • An entirely forgotten copywriting trick (initially found while making the world’s very first commercial 70+ years ago) that can assist produce off-the-wall revenues in your company’s affiliate marketing projects!(The dazzling copywriter Eugene Schwartz mistakenly discovered this back in the late 1940’s– and I have actually discovered it to be so efficient, it can work even if you “half-ass” your e-mails. In my experience, this one thing alone can make you way more sales from affiliate promos than any other affiliate marketing “technique”, technique, or strategy you’ll find out anywhere else, for any cost. See page 74.)
  • The 4-letter word you can take into a subject line that can get back at individuals who generally never ever open your e-mails to liven up and purchase from your company! (Your mileage might differ, however this has actually gotten more individuals purchasing and checking out from my special deal e-mails than any other subject line technique I’ve ever utilized. Page 726.)
  • A creative copywriting strategy created by the late marketing genius David Ogilvy that can get back at individuals who frequently disregard you to enthusiastically open, check out, and click your e-mails!(I have actually never ever heard a single online marketing master speak about this in nearly 20 years of doing e-mail– however it can quickly make your item launches and affiliate projects even more lucrative, while likewise considerably lowering your opt-outs, too. See page 38.)
  • The “schoolyard play ground” persuasion approach that developed my very first 6-figure newsletter company by sending out just 4 e-mails to a list of simply 3,000individuals!(This easily-applied idea has actually been accountable for every among the most lucrative item launch and affiliate projects I’ve ever produced. See page 30 for how it can work for your company, too.)
  • How launching the “The Email Kraken” can as much as double, triple, and potentially even quadruple your item launch sales.(For some factor, there’s constantly a great deal of mental resistance to doing this when I reveal it to individuals– however whenever I do it, sales can be found in rapidly, intensely, and naturally, with a portion of the opt-outs anybody would anticipate. Information on page 31.)
  • How to produce whole affiliate series of 7, 10, even 15 e-mails (or more) for your company in less time than it requires to enjoy your preferred comedy!(And yes, it works even if you’re a sluggish author who normally takes hours to make up a single e-mail. See page 86 for information.)
  • How to compose outright sales pitch e-mails individuals are so excited to read they might even thank you for sending them!(I heard among the best affiliate online marketers who ever lived consistently did this to offer over a lots copies each month of a $99700eBook. Page 43.)
  • How to “jimmy” your e-mail series to get individuals to (actually) lean in and check out nearly every word of your sales pitches!(Do it right, and they’ll entirely disregard the lots of other e-mails, texts, telephone call, immediate messages, social networks pings, and other interruptions contending for their attention. See page 46.)
  • A broadcast marketing technique that can ramp your company’s affiliate and item launch sales through the roofing system!(One of the most reputable online marketers who ever lived utilized this to pump up his offline marketing sales. And I have actually discovered it works simply as well– if not much better– to pump up online item launch and affiliate project sales, too. Page 51.)
  • 4 methods to provide your company casino-like “home chances” when contending versus other affiliates with much larger lists, more name acknowledgment, and better bonus offers to use.(Doing simply among these can provide you a massive benefit over the other affiliates your company contends versus. In my experience, if you utilize all 4 of them, the chances will be stacked so high in your favor you nearly can’t lose! Check out them beginning on page 56.)
  • When offering the very best, greatest quality items as an affiliate can damage your company’s earnings!(This is not a license to offer lousy items. If you’re going to do affiliate marketing, you can make a lot more sales if you comprehend this peculiarity of human psychology. Check out everything about it on page 58.)
  • How “Earl’s Law” can put your company light years ahead of other affiliates in regards to outcomes and sales.(This was taught by among the most popular success authors who ever lived. And it is so dependably efficient for increase affiliate marketing sales, it will seem like you’re playing chess while all the other affiliates contending versus you drool on the carpet playing Connect Four! See page 59.)
  • The precise “magic” time to offer an item as an affiliate that not just makes your company the most sales … however likewise brings in far greater quality clients who are far less most likely to refund.(This is 100% reverse of what virtually every affiliate marketing master does– however I’ve gotten as numerous as 2-3 times more sales than normal every time I’ve checked it. Page 67.)
  • How to use the concealed “gene swimming pool” of leads currently on your company’s list who (1) are the most significant quiet group of purchasers on your list (2) are far less most likely to refund and (3) make the very best long-lasting purchasers for all your other deals, too (I chose this up from among the very first web online marketers who was currently succeeding online in the early 90’s. And in my experience, utilizing this idea discovered on page 68 can do more for your bottom line, assurance, and long term company objectives than virtually anything else you ever provide for the rest of your online company profession.)
  • How to turn individuals who grumble about you sending them a lot of e-mails into your really own overdue “marketing interns.”(Admittedly, the majority of people do not have the stomach to do this and must disregard such individuals. If you follow the directions on pag 78, you can not just revenue from bellyachers, you will most likely discover yourself deliberately attempting to upset them considering that they can make your company so numerous additional sales!)
  • A secret method podcasters can possibly utilize to make numerous times more revenues than typical throughout item launch and affiliate e-mail projects.(First time I did this it amazed the skilled web online marketer whose item I was offering as an affiliate. Later on, it likewise assisted me produce the most significant item launch in the history of my company for a subscription website. Page 85.)
  • An ancient marketing “law” that can crank up your company’s vacation sales promos like absolutely nothing else I’ve ever checked!(This is another among those things barely anybody considers or does online– yet it can not just make your vacations a lot jollier … however it’s specifically helpful if you ever require fast capital to satisfy staff member payrolls and other monetary emergency situations, too. Page 97.)
  • A basic (however wise) method for utilizing plain text e-mails and a regular cellular phone to sell-out high ticket workshops and occasions!(Best part: no long sales letter, VSLs, or official “pitch” needed. Simply e-mails and a phone. See how it deals with page 646.)
  • An “oldie however gift” method to possibly include hundreds– even thousands– of high quality results in your company’s e-mail list in a single day!(NOTE: The Affiliate Launch Copynomicon is NOT in any method a “list structure” book, however this effective idea does appear on page 730.)
  • And a great deal more, consisting of: How to utilize e-mail to “transmute” individuals’ monotony into sales throughout vacation weekends (page 559) … How to nearly remove spam grievances when sending out great deals of e-mails to your list in a little time frame (page 79) … a quickie “refresher course” on my method of composing e-mails from start to complete (page 817) … How organisations with little lists can control affiliate contests (start on page 86) … highlight of all …


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